Cure for ADHD and ADD

Patient always put a hope on medicine to cure their disease. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a bad, people always think. People don’t like it because ADHD and ADD had affected their study, work and social life. Other people don’t like ADHD patient because they are annoying, non-stop talking and running around. ADHD and ADD patient are too special and other people feel they are ‘Nuts’ or maybe ‘Weird’. Patients feel uncomfortable when others think them in that way. It is why patients want to ‘fix’ the ‘error’ in their brain.

Until today, scientist still can’t find any medicine could help to cure ADHD patients However, it is not the end. They found a lot of medicine and treatment can help to reduce the symptoms. Patient took the medicine and symptoms of ADHD reduce. They have their normal life!

Medicine for ADD and ADHD can treat them but it also brings a lot of bad side effect to patient. Patient will feel muscle pain, less appetite and others. As one of the ADD patient, I feel realize the side effect in a weeks. I took 3 tablets a day when I have to go to work. I am very happy to see that I can finish my job on time and highly focusing on the task. Some more, I can communicate very well with others. My memory had also improved after taking the western medicine.

But the bad side effect makes me more worry on myself. I am totally addicted on it after a year. I can’t sleep well at night, always wake up and have a mild fatigue. I sit in a office and doing my job the whole day. After reach home, I feel very pain on my muscle. The big problem is after a year, I realize that I am totally addicted on the medicine. It becomes a drug for me! I don’t like this happen. I decided to change. I have to change!


Treatment of ADHD and ADD

I saw a post on forum saying that, the writer also a ADHD patient. He went to acupuncture and taking some Chinese medicine to treating his ADHD symptoms. He feel the change after 5 session. He can focus on his task, talking with others and stay still when chatting with his friends. He started to read some books after the Chinese treatment. He said now he can read a chapter without stopping. He is surprised about that and would like to share with others.

I ask where the hospital that he went is. He said it was not a hospital but a ADD and ADHD center. He gave me the name and address. I went there after two months. Erm……why is after two months? I admit myself, it is because the procrastinate not allow me to do it early. Fine, at least I went there to get a help. It is good things isn’t?

I met Chinese Master in the center and talk with him. He is a very nice guy. He telling how to manage my emotional, manage my time and task, giving me advise on what if this happen and what should I do and so-on. He punctures my head using a few fine needles. It is fine for me. I just feel a little bit ants bites pain on my scalp around 2 minutes but my acupuncture treatment is 30 minutes. Chinese Master advise me to do an intensive treatment, 3 times a day and every time take 30 minutes. Intensive treatment can help to improve more effective. Since, I have no time to stay there for a day (I have to go back and work) so decided to do the treatment once a week.

At last, Chinese Master gave me a diet list and some brain powder. Chinese Master ask me to follow the diet list every day. There is a lot of things that I can’t eat. (My favorite food listed inside there, upset :(  ) I went back home and mixed the brain powder into my drinks. I drink brain powder everyday and prepare meal myself. After 2 months, I feel the different.

I clean my bedroom and my house in weekend, before the treatment I always ‘plan to’ do it but end up with nothing. I manage my timetable very well. I finish a book in a week and I can remember all the details after that.

It was really a big step for me. I have the improvement without any bad side effect. I feel like I am become ‘normal’ people. I and my family were very happy for the result.

Writing this article is just wanted to share my experience with all of you. Hope you all can have a good result like me after the treatment. Good Luck!


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